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Marine Measurement Forum Hosts for 2018 onwards

The Steering Group always welcomes enquiries regarding the hosting of a future event. Presently, hosts have been confirmed for MMF61 through to MMF63 as scheduled below:

MMF61 – National Physical Laboratory. Date: Spring 2018. Venue: Teddington.
MMF62 – Fugro. Date: Autumn 2018. Venue: Wallingford.
MMF63 – ecoSUB Robotics. Date: Spring 2019. Venue: TBA.

The schedule will be updated with confirmed dates and host contact details at regular intervals. Event notices will be issued via the MMF mailing list, International Ocean Systems journal, OceanBuzz newsletter and other media portals.

Each MMF event comprises a number of presentations by organisations and individuals involved in the many diverse aspects of the marine measuring sector. The management of the event, including venue and specific date, is for each host to decide but within guidelines provided by the Steering Group. The audience will generally comprise a cosmopolitan mix of researchers, surveyors, engineers and manufacturers all of whom have a common interest in the art/science of maritime data gathering. The MMF series has continually proven to be very popular, with attendee numbers generally around the 50-60 mark and hosting undoubtedly provides an opportunity to highlight specific skills, capabilities, projects and developments.

The list of past hosts reads like a who’s who of the maritime world and the MMF Steering Group anticipates a strong desire to see the tradition continued. Expressions of interest can be received from past hosts or those new to the activity. There are reports and images from previous events and comprehensive guidelines for hosts on this site. Those wishing to put their names forward can initially email Steering Group representative Roger Scrivens from the contact page, ideally stating “Hosting an MMF event” in the subject line.

Next Event Details

61st Marine Measurement Forum

The 61st Marine Measurement Forum (MMF61), hosted by the National Physical Laboratory, will take place in Teddington in spring 2018.  More details soon.

Farewell Astrid

MMF Steering Group bids fond farewell to Astrid Powell

Astrid Powell

At the recent 59th Marine Measurement Forum (MMF), attendees witnessed the retirement of longstanding Steering Group member Astrid Powell who was presented with a bouquet of flowers to mark the occasion. Astrid was one of the four founder members of the MMF Steering Group which was formed in 2005 to oversee and guide the fortunes of the series. Having retired recently from her role as publisher at Underwater World Publications Ltd (publications include International Ocean Systems and Underwater Contractor international), Astrid felt that the time was right for her to make way for new blood within the Steering Group.

The MMF Steering Group is delighted to announce that Astrid’s place has been taken by Helen Atkinson who is quaintly described as Operations and Publications Manager at The Hydrographic Society UK but is known and respected by members and non-members alike as the person who makes sure all the Society’s many activities run smoothly.

The other Steering Group members, Andy Smerdon, Aidan Thorn and Roger Scrivens, wish Astrid a well-earned, happy retirement and offer a hearty welcome to Helen.