Privacy Policy


This document sets out how the Marine Measurement Forum collects, uses and protects individuals’ personal information in accordance with the European ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR) introduced in 2018. The policy will be subject to change in the future and the most recent version will always be displayed here.


Marine Measurement Forum: The Marine Measurement Forum (MMF) has no formal legal structure, being neither a corporate entity nor partnership as recognised by Companies House, nor any form of charity as defined by the Charity Commission. It is in essence a co-operative gathering of individuals who meet from time to time on a voluntary basis with the sole aim of exchanging news regarding developments in the field of marine data collection.

MMF Members: For the purpose of this Policy, the collective gathering of individuals as described above shall be identified as MMF Members.

MMF Contact List: To be able to communicate news regarding events and developments within the remit of the MMF, it is necessary to store minimal contact details of those wishing to receive such information. These contact details are provided voluntarily by the MMF Members for the sole purpose described above and are retained within the MMF Contact List.

MMF Steering Group: The management of the MMF is controlled by a Steering Group (MMF-SG), currently comprising four individuals. Their names are published on the MMF website and the content of their entries in the MMF Contact List replicates that of other MMF Members.

News Bulletins: Communication from the MMF to MMF Members is achieved via e-Bulletins, or e-Newsletters or, in particular circumstances, via direct email.

Personal Data: Personal data is any information about any individual which can identify them such as their name, postal address, email address and telephone number.

Data Protection

Protecting the personal data of MMF Members is extremely important to the MMF. The only data collected is that needed to deliver news about MMF activities to those who have registered to receive such information. The data collected represents the bare minimum required to enable that task to be performed.
MMF members have the right to access, update, amend or delete their personal data as held by the MMF at any time – See “What are your rights?”

What data is collected and why?

All of the personal data collected is provided voluntarily by the individual to whom it applies. The MMF only ever requests the provision of the following: first name, surname, preferred email address and, optionally, organization name. The database is referred to as the “MMF Contact List”. Such personal data are only stored and used for the reason(s) detailed, namely, to provide news and activity information relating to past and future MMF events. The MMF will never sell or provide members’ data to third parties. If, other than being required to by law, the MMF seeks to share any member’s data with another person or organization, specific and explicit permission will be sought beforehand.

Who has access to the data?

The members of the MMF-SG communally hold and process all personal data relating to MMF Contact List registrants.

How is the data stored and protected?

The MMF Contact List data as processed by the MMF is securely stored and will only be accessed under the direct control of a member of the MMF-SG for the purposes of editing such or using it for its intended purpose.

The MMF Contact List is currently maintained within the MailChimp email delivery platform. The entire MailChimp application is encrypted and our user account is password hashed.

What are member’s rights?

The GDPR defines rights relating to the way personal data is processed. These are defined as the:

Right to access: Members have the right to demand a copy of the personal data held. This will be provided on request.

Right to rectification: Members have the right to ask for correction of any inaccurate or incomplete personal data held.

Right to erasure: Members have the right to seek erasure of any specific item of, or complete record of, the personal data we hold. However, this right only exists where the MMF has relied on the member’s consent as the lawful basis for holding said data and such consent is withdrawn. Members must be aware that deletion of such personal data will prevent the MMF from delivering future e-Bulletin news on MMF activities.
Using the ‘unsubscribe’ and ‘update’ links at the foot of previous News Bulletins, members can manage their own data or remove themselves from the MMF Contact List all together, whenever they wish.

Photographic material

In accordance with its legitimate interests, the MMF holds photographic and, potentially, video archive library of many of its events, activities and key personalities, for example, members of the MMF-SG. Historically, in most cases only the details of the specific event will have been recorded in association with the image/video although, in some cases the portrayed individual(s) are, or may be identified too.
An individual who does not wish to be photographed or video recorded, or no longer wishes their image(s) to be stored within the MMF library has the right to request deletion of such material by contacting the MMF-SG via clearly specifying and identifying the subject image, etc. The MMF-SG will react positively to any such request within reasonable limits.


The MMF is committed to ensuring that all personal data is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, it operates appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the data we hold about members, including its disposal.

Any additional information regarding the MMF data protection practices or members’ rights, or questions or concerns with respect to the processing and storage of personal data, can be raised with the MMF Steering Group by email to