49th Marine Measurement Forum at Partrac

49th Marine Measurement Forum at Partrac


The 49th Marine Measurement Forum was held in the Glasgow Science Centre on the 9th November 2011.

Hosted by Partrac Group, the event brought together the scientific measurement community to explore and share new technologies, project experiences, equipment evolutions and survey processes. Over seventy delegates attended from across the UK and further afield and from a diverse range of companies including offshore wind and marine renewables organisations, environmental and engineering consultancies, ports and harbours, government and research agencies, equipment manufacturers and survey companies.

Dr Kevin Black (Partrac Group) opened the forum and introduced the morning speakers. Stephen Auld from CodaOctpous Products was the first speaker of the day and gave an interesting account of using high definition 4D sonar with augmented reality for real time positioning in the Rotterdam Port extension. Stephen was followed by Dr Richard Bates from the Department of Earth Sciences and Scottish Ocean’s Institute who discussed attaining oceanic measurements in Greenland to inform global climate models. Dr Keith Jackson from the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) ended the first session by explaining the difficulty in collecting data in tidal systems and introducing a low cost drifter buoy system which could acquire such information.

Networking BreakAfter a refreshment and networking break, Dr Clemens Engelke from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) presented information about SEPA’s in situ monitoring network in the Scottish coastal waters. John Murray from the Society for Maritime Industries followed by discussing the Annual Review of UK Marine Scientific Industries 2011 and AMSI business survey results taken at Ocean Business 2011. John’s presentation gave a mainly positive account of the marine, science and technology sector in the UK. Andy Smith from Saderet gave an educational report of the evolution of ADCP technology and presented on the benefits and advancements of the newly released Sentinel V ADCP. David Goldsmith from RS Aqua closed the second session by discussing the research and industry collaboration SOOGUARD.

After an enjoyable lunch overlooking the Clyde, Paul Taylor from Intertek METOC opened the third session with a presentation entitled, ‘Garbage in – Garbage out: Improving model outputs by improving model inputs’ and gave numerous interesting examples of previous project experiences. This was followed by Jim Elliott from SAMS who gave an engaging talk about capturing and mapping underwater sound in tidal stream sites. Roger Morris from Bright Angel Coastal Consultants spoke about post-construction monitoring and Ian Crowther from WFS Technologies discussed wireless mooring line monitoring.

Q&A In Session 3Dr Peter Hayes from Marine Scotland opened the final session by discussing the diversity of interest and accessibility to Marine Science data. Duncan Matthew of the National Oceanography Centre followed by presenting on the evolution of TOBI (Towed Ocean Bottom Instrument) for the modern era of deep ocean surveying – TOBI 2. Jonathan Taylor from HR Wallingford was the penultimate speaker and gave an enlightening report on the marine survey process with an emphasis on what can go wrong and how to prevent it. The final presentation was from Gunda Wieczorek, SEPA, who presented on hydrographic measurements of a tidal cycle upstream of the Glasgow tidal weir. For those delegates who did not have to leave early to travel home Partrac hosted a drinks reception at the Glasgow Science Centre which provided a final opportunity for delegates to meet, network and unwind.

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